GA Court of Appeals Ruling


The Georgia Amusement & Music Operators Association (GAMOA) would like to address the current ruling from the Georgia Court of Appeals that will have an impact on your COAM business in Georgia.

For almost 4 years the case of The State of Georgia vs. Ronnie Bartlett has been at the forefront of the COAM industry as the case encapsulated several key issues for both Master and Retail Licensees. On Tuesday June 25th, 2019 the Georgia Court of Appeals handed down a favorable ruling in this case and found in favor of the defendant Ronnie Bartlett.  During the 4 years the Bartlett’s have been subjected to the loss of their family businesses, required to fill bankruptcy, were jailed for more than 30 days and denied travel to a medical specialist to deal with life a threatening illness.

In the next few weeks, GAMOA will be hosting an educational meeting featuring the legal team that was instrumental in representation of the Bartlett’s. It is important that you be in attendance whether you are a Master License Holder or a Retail Licensee as the ruling has several complexities that impact your business. It is critically important that you learn this information directly from the source and not the rumor mill.

Watch your text and email for notification of an upcoming industry meeting about this important issue. You may read the full Court Opinion on the members only page.

Thank You,

Shawn Fellows
GAMOA President