Membership Options

Benefits of Membership

Legislative – GAMOA monitors bills and provides members with updates during the legislative session.

Unity of Voice – GAMOA provides a unified voice to all stakeholders on behalf of its members and protects their livelihoods.

Seminars – GAMOA seminars keep you updated on legislative and compliance changes. GAMOA members save up to 50%.

Health Insurance – GAMOA members can save up to 50% on group health insurance.

Southern Amusement & Entertainment Expo – GAMOA, along with other states, hosts the Southern Amusement & Entertainment Expo, providing members access to the latest equipment on the market. The leading manufacturers in the industry are demonstrating their most popular equipment on hand. GAMOA members save up to 75% off admission.

Website – The GAMOA website keeps members informed.

Networking – GAMOA allows members to network with others with similar business interests and concerns, with socials, membership, and industry meetings. It provides members to share ways to build a successful business.

Access – GAMOA provides access to industry leaders and experts with over 40 years of experience, including legal counsel and lobbyists, to help you engage your individual State Senator or Representative.

Associate (Vendors)

Annual Dues:

Associate Level 1 (Professional Services) $250.00 - Professional Services not directly related to COAM such as banks, attorneys & insurance agents or companies that solely offer accounting and route management software. These companies do not supply or manufacture under any other membership categories.

Associate Level 2 (Plush & Bulk) $500.00

Associate Level 3 (Parts & Service) $1,000.00

Associate Level 4 (Distributor, Manufacturer & Software) $2,000.00

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CLASS A Member

This membership is for members who only hold a Class A Master License. If you hold a Class B Master License also you must join as a Class A & B Master License Holder.

Annual Dues:

1 - 9 Employees $350

10 + Employees $500

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CLASS B Member

Membership for holders of both Class A & B Master Licenses or a Class B Master License only.

Annual Dues:

Class B 1-20 Decals (Class B or Class A & B Master License Holders) $1,000.00.

Class B 21+ Decals (Class B or Class A & B Master License Holders) $52 per decal purchased from the GLC at renewal.


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Location Member

For Location licensees only. This membership only entitles you to emails and other information. It does not give you full member benefits.

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Location Full Membership

For Locations only. This membership entitles you to full member benefits for $500.

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