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Associate (Vendors)

Annual Dues:

Associate Level 1 (Professional Services) $250.00 - Professional Services not directly related to COAM such as banks, attorneys & insurance agents or companies that solely offer accounting and route management software. These companies do not supply or manufacture under any other membership categories.

Associate Level 2 (Plush & Bulk) $500.00

Associate Level 3 (Parts & Service) $1,000.00

Associate Level 4 (Distributor, Manufacturer & Software) $2,000.00

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CLASS A Member

This membership is for members who only hold a Class A Master License. If you hold a Class B Master License also you must join as a Class A & B Master License Holder.

Annual Dues:

1 - 9 Employees $350

10 + Employees $500

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CLASS B Member

Membership for holders of both Class A & B Master Licenses or a Class B Master License only.

Annual Dues:

Class B 1-20 Games (Class B or Class A & B Master License Holders) $1,000.00.

Class B 21+ Games (Class B or Class A & B Master License Holders) $52 per sticker purchased from the GLC.


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Location Member

For Location licensees only.

Annual Dues: $500

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