A message from the GA Lottery COAM Division

The Georgia Lottery Corporation/COAM Division has seen a recent increase in complaints of LLHs around the state “discounting” or agreeing to redeem COAM prizes for COAM players for amounts less than the COAM prize is worth and keeping all or part of the value of the COAM prize for themselves. Some retailers reportedly do this by requesting or mandating the payment of tips or taxes by the players.
The Georgia Lottery Corporation (GLC) expects LLHs to fully and legally honor all successful prize redemptions won by players.  LLHs should refrain from imposing additional purchases, commissions, fees or requirements on Coin Operated Amusement Machine (COAM) players as a condition of awarding merchandise, prizes, toys, gift certificates, novelties, or lottery products as COAM prizes.  Any complaints will be documented and investigated by a COAM Inspector.  Criminal or civil sanctions may apply.

The Georgia Lottery Corporation
COAM Division